Dylan Lowe

Junior Designer

Dylan Lowe
Von Lee
517 E. Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN 47408


Dylan Lowe is a junior designer at IU Communications. She received her BFA in graphic design from Southern Utah University in 2016 and currently is pursuing her MFA in graphic design at IU. Dylan is a typographer at heart, and she loves to obsessively letter the alphabet with caffeine shakes. She loves all types of organizing, from home/office to information, and after designing her first “typeface” at age 10, she found graphic design to be the perfect combination of this odd passion and art.

When Dylan isn’t designing, she is probably cleaning, baking, planning a hike, or laughing at her own jokes.

Moving from Salt Lake City, Utah was the scariest thing I have ever done, but after finishing my first year at IU I definitely made the right choice!


  • Artist
  • Caffeine Addict
  • Morning Person
  • Music Lover
  • Nature Lover