Tracy James

Communications Manager, Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Tracy James
Von Lee
517 E. Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN 47408


Tracy James helps the police, emergency management experts, health and safety staff, and other security staff at IU communicate important information to students and employees on all campuses. She's a big fan of these folks, who work so hard to provide a safe place for people to learn and work.

A former daily newspaper reporter, Tracy’s journalism career took her from Ohio State University to tiny Lodi, Ohio, in 1989 and then to Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois. She joined IU Communications as a media relations specialist in 2004. She began managing communications for Public Safety and Institutional Assurance in 2014 and continues this role now that she's back at IU Communications, which supports safety and emergency communications on all IU campuses.

Tracy expects to complete her Master of Public Affairs from the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs in August. She has three kids, three dogs, and a ball python.

I love collaborating with my IU colleagues and connecting with audiences.


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