Akbar Ehsan

New Media Developer/Systems Administrator

IU Communications Indianapolis
340 W. Michigan Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202


Akbar administers and develops informational systems, including custom web sites and web applications, used by IU Communications and other university clients.

He has a master’s in English language and literature from India and an associate’s degree in computer information systems from Ivy Tech Community College. He worked previously at Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University as part of their web development teams. He taught English language and literature in India specializing in the theater of the absurd and the love sonnets of William Shakespeare.

He enjoys cooking and going on long bicycle rides through the countryside. He also is cultivating a knack for photography using his Nikon V1. He likes to photograph people, flowers, and birds.


  • Cyclist
  • Fitness Buff
  • Foodie
  • Morning Person
  • News Junkie
  • Problem Solver