Michelle Benberry

Operations Manager

IU Communications Indianapolis
340 W. Michigan St

Indianapolis, IN 46202


“Whatcha need?” That’s Michelle’s catchphrase.

While she wears different hats depending on the day or time, as operations manager for the Indianapolis office of IU Communications and the Office of the Vice President for Engagement, she spends a good part of her time managing business and staff affairs. She really enjoys organizing and participating in special events and community engagement efforts.

Michelle has been with Indiana University for nearly 15 years, having previously worked as a clinic administrator for the School of Optometry and the Department of Otolaryngology within the School of Medicine.

She is an avid reader, music lover, and movie buff, but spends most of her time outside of work engaged in physical, mental, and spiritual improvement through yoga, tennis, hiking, and other activities.

I’m here to help. If I can’t, I will get you connected with someone who can!


  • Bookworm
  • Movie Buff
  • Music Lover