Kevin Fryling

Communications Specialist
Health Sciences Marketing Communications, Internal Communications

Capital Center, Third Floor
251 North Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 278-0088

Kevin serves as a communications specialist for the IU School of Medicine and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. He is the editor of INScope, an internal newsletter for the IUSM campus; manager for MedTV, the school’s digital signage system; and a contributor to publications such as Vital Signs, an online magazine featuring IUSM faculty, residents, students and patients. In addition, he helps spread the work about the Indiana CTSI's efforts to translate research discoveries in the lab into new treatments and therapies in the community.

Kevin has worked in news and communications as a writer, reporter, editor, and communications specialist ever since he was elected copy editor of his college newspaper at the State University of New York at Geneseo. He then cut his teeth as a reporter for a small newspaper in Western New York State, writing about local government, school board meetings, and rural issues.

Kevin returned to the world of higher education to earn a master’s in English from the University at Buffalo, during which he also served as a graduate assistant with the UB Office of University Communications. He joined the staff after graduation and spent three years as a writer for a university-wide internal newspaper and contributor to numerous other publications, including alumni magazines, newsletters, and web communications. He wrote on topics ranging from nanomedicine to Antarctic field research to modernist literature—and interviewed everyone from a biologist whose quest for rare bat species took her into the caverns of South America to an experimental filmmaker whose wedding guests included Andy Warhol. In addition, he contributed to many in-house publications related to the university’s schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health and nursing, and discovered a love for writing about science and medicine.

In his free time, Kevin serves as a freelance contributor to several local magazines in Buffalo, New York, and as a regular volunteer at WFIU.

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There’s a special hum in the air at a good university. The concentration of youth, talent, wisdom, and enthusiasm tends to breed new ideas – and when you add in the resources to turn those ideas into a reality – it’s a powerful combination.